8 these foods can make Flatulence

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Time of Suhoor and Iftar should you choose the type of food that does not cause stomach so bloated. Indeed a bloated stomach is not too bad on the repercussions on health. However quite disturbing worship if you must toggle the wind, isn't it?

Foods that trigger bloating will typically produce gases while in the process of digestion. What are the types of foods that can make your stomach so bloated? He's as reported by by Vemale page:

Col: a delicious vegetable eaten with sambal terasi can trigger bloating.Cauliflower and broccoli: a kind of plant which is still a relative with this same cabbage too, can trigger bloating.Sweet potato: well, that is also in the digestion will trigger the onset of gas.Garlic: using garlic in large quantities on a single cuisine, can trigger bloating. This is because they contain sulfur. To counteract the bloating caused by garlic, drink plenty of water.Sprouts: crispy texture, here's what trigger flatulence. Most vegetables that trigger gas are eaten crunchy.Eggplant: for some people, eating eggplants will not cause bloating. But for some others, the Eggplant is a trigger bloating.Sour fruit: fruit that have a sense of wry will generally trigger the emergence of gas in the stomach. If you want to secure, better consumption only bananas.Ice: ice and cold drinks consumed when the stomach is empty, can potentially cause bloating. So better avoid first before you eat heavy (rice).

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