This Is The Reason Why Eat Healthy Chickens

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Chicken is one of the alternative sources of protein dish quite affordable in terms of the economy. Compared to red meat, price and taste of the chicken is not less, kok. Chicken meat can also be collected and with a wide variety of recipes, as well as the ease of processing.

Not only that the primacy of the chicken. From the health side, turned out to be chicken also have benefits for human mengonsumsinya. What's it? These were quoted from page Health Me Up:

In chicken meat contained useful minerals, one of which is useful for the growth of calcium strong bones. In addition there is also a function of selenium reduces the risk of arthritis disease.

The chicken there is vitamin B6 which serves lower levels of homosistein in yourself. These substances (homosistein) is a type of amino acid in high levels will trigger heart disease. In addition there are omega-3 fatty acids the chickens that will lower the risk of the formation of plaque and inflammation in the arteries.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein that is recommended for athletes who want their nice muscle growth.

Powerful chicken soup cure the flu and colds disease person. Even the experienced a sore throat and nasal congestion, consumption of chicken soup is recommended to reduce the pain.

There are also chicken meat in anti-depressant named tirptofan, which is a type of amino acid if taken would cause a sense of comfort and quiet. Serotonin levels can also be increased with the consumption of chicken, so that makes you happy and restful sleep.

These benefits will be better still if you consume is organic free-range chicken or chicken.

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