Avoid Iftar and Suhoor with instant noodles

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Instant noodles kpublished an erap optioned the easy, cheap, and delicious for Iftar or the Suhoor. But health experts clearly suggest to not eating this dish in two this time. One was a study conducted by the Ahmedabad-based consumer and Community Education Penelity (CERC).

They examined about 15 brands of noodle with the goal of seeing anything contained therein. As a result, all of the noodle examined contain high levels of sodium, as well as fat, and low in fiber. But while fasting, we need more energy for a long time. And it cannot be given by instant noodles.

It is recommended that food contains a lot of fiber, so that in the process of pencernaannya takes much longer so that the energy generated is also durable. It's not easy to make the body feel hungry in spite of being fast.

The content of sodium is too much nor good for the body, whereas in the instant noodle is sodium sometimes amount to more than the normal limit. This can trigger heart problems and blood pressure.

Additionally here are a few other reasons cannot choose instant noodles as food during the last meal or open, as reported by Dailymail page:

The safe limits recommended sodium intake per day is 2,400 mg. in 1 packet of instant noodles, sometimes there are more sodium 800 mg contained fairly high, so that if added to the type of food that You consume.

MSG or monosodium glutamate is a flavoring used in instant noodles. The consumption of this substance can trigger headaches, constant thirst, and in the longer term can trigger cancer.

This substance is used to prevent the noodles dry up. But as chemical, propylene glycol may trigger some health problems such as liver disease, heart, kidney, as well as create weakened immune.

This fact, that instant noodle low nutrients. Even if you add some kind of vegetable, but contents of chemical substances in instant noodles will reduce the absorption of the nutrients from the vegetables into the body.

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