Iftar with coconut water, Make the Agency Direct Fit

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The fasting person body condition is certainly will experience a shortage of liquid, sugar levels are low, as are various types of minerals required by the body. It's no wonder when the afternoon one feels limp and not powered. For that drink the recommended ideal for breaking the fast is young coconut water.

Coconut water in a few research proven to contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body, especially while fasting. Benefits of coconut water consumption which are naturally occurring substances are quickly absorbed by the body.

The content of vitamin C and B3 in the coconut water is also very good to restore back the limp body condition. In the calculation of nutrition and nutrition in the Unitef States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is said to be in 100 ml coconut water contained 94,99% moisture content. The body being dehydrated could be resolved soon with coconut water, compared to other types of drinks. What else soda or other soft drinks.

In addition, only coconut water is known to be able to help the digestive system and body metabolism, during the fasting month. Very natural and fresh so that it is able to neutralize stomach acid being high, prevent the emergence of the accession or stomach acid reflux.

For those of you who are pregnant and need a variety of minerals to strengthen body condition when fasting, then it is coconut water is also consumed as Suhoor, or during the evening in the month of Ramadan.

The benefits are not only felt by You, but also by the fetus in the uterus that become more healthy and clean. Well, please do not hesitate to provide young coconut water in the fasting month to open and Suhoor, Yes.

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