The Benefits Of Healthy Eating Corn Brondong

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Brondong corn generally consumed as snacks while watching movies. Foods with different name popcorn this turned out to save the healthy benefits that is large enough. Although often considered a nutritious, but not the content of antioxidants on brondong corn pretty high.

The fiber contained in food is also beneficial for digestive health. Even the fiber and antioxidants of corn equals brondong made oatmeal oats.

The statement was issued by a researcher named Joe Vinson, a Professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton in Pennsilvania.

"The longer the grains are processed, the more nutrients and antioxidants are lost. The shorter the process, getting many antioxidants that are left, "he said.

Vinson added that the content of antioxidants in corn popcorn is protected, so only a few are corrupted in the process of drying out the Sun. While the fibers in the corn, he says does not disappear altogether in the processing process.

This makes popcorn healthy and beneficial, for giving additional antioxidants and fiber for those who eat it.

Being a bit of a problem, he added, is the butter or oil that is used as the mixture while cooking. Likewise, flavorings and sugar that make popcorn become more delicious. Especially if you're eating popcorn sold in stores or movie theaters.

Popcorn or corn brondong healthier if processed on your own, don't add too much butter and sugar. Thus you do not have health risks which means and can consume as much as possible.

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