Stay away from Alzheimer's with This food consumption

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Steer clear of Alzheimer's disease can be done by regularly eating this type of food is a particular. Alzheimer's is itself a kind of parasitic disease of brain function and lower level cognitive one. This disease typically strikes the elderly, but in its development today anyone can experience alzheimer 's.

Although the symptoms of alzheimer's this happened slowly, we recommend that you prevent the onset of early on with the following food consumption, to maintain the condition of the brain to stay healthy:

The berries have a nutritious polyphenols substances to reduce the risk of the occurrence of inflammation in the brain. Fruit such as strawberries, Blueberry, and blackberi are also useful keep brain cells to function properly until dusk.

Curcumin in turmeric is effective in preventing the emergence of alzheimer 's. In addition, to boost the immune system, turmeric is also good is consumed regularly. Amino acids that accumulate and risk triggering the formation of plaques in the brain can also be removed with turmeric.

Green leaf vegetables have many health benefits, including healthy brain. There are many useful things in the green leaf vegetable, which are fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C is good for brain health.

There are omega 3 fatty acids in almonds that needed to nourish the brain.

Drinking coffee in an excessive amount is also believed to be good for preventing alzheimer 's. In a study said the risk was down to 60%.

Fish, especially salmon, is a good source of nutrients for maintaining brain health. This is because natural omega3 fatty acids in it.

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