Snapchat pills, new types of Drugs that make the hysteria

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Snapchat is not just a name for the mobile photo sharing applications. Now, snapchat is also the name for a new type of drug which became popular. Misuse of the name of the drug comes as printed logo commonly used Snapchat during this time.

Drug Snachat are evident in Australia. Kapoww page quoted from Cnet, the influence of this drug makes users experiencing hallucinations overload. They feel very happy and often acting in full hysteria. They also apply more aggressive.

The ill effects of Snapchat pill is triggered a heart attack. The body undergoes some sort of symptom hipertermia makes the brain works harder. It is strongly recommended not to consume or even try it although a bit. There have been four casualties in Darwin, Australia, which should be treated intensively after the mengonsumsinya.

"You will not want to enter this substance (bath salt) into your body — the pills ' Snapchat ' that this is brand new found outstanding. However the substance poisons in them just the same as it used to be found, "said Peter Shiller, Inspector of police drug and Organized Crime Divisions of Darwin.

Drug Snapchat pills contain harmful ingredients. By the medical world is often called "salt bath" or bath salts.

In the meantime as a mobile device application, Snapchat has the movement share photos from their users up to 700 million photos per day. This application has existed since January 2011.

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