Mango Can Keep The Risk Of Breast Cancer

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Mangoes grow in Indonesia which has a tropical climate with two seasons. The fruit is sweet, fresh and rich in some kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are beneficial to the body's health and beauty.

A study mentions that mangoes also plays an important role for decreasing the risk of someone stricken with breast cancer. There are deposits of mango polyphenol in known managed to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells by up to 90%.

Research results from Texas A&M University by Dr. Susanne Talcott and his colleagues are using the rat as the experimental material. Some of the mice with breast cancer cells were given extracts of mango within a certain period, and then observed the cell growth rate kankernya. As a result, the rate of growth of the breast cancer cells dropped dramatically in rats who were given extracts of mango.

"Mango is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Viamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids as well as potassium," says Dr. Susanne Talcott.

The potent polyphenols substances on mango to cope with inflammatory or inflammation in the body, and antioksidannya can help cure chronic diseases.

Although the causes of the emergence of cancer cells in a person's body is not known for certain, but various studies show that certain foods are able to reduce risk or even prevent the onset of this horrible disease.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy diet is key of prevention and cure of cancer cells. One of them is by eating a mango is sweet and rich in vitamins.

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