Beware, The Disease Is Often Struck When Mudik

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There are several diseases that often hit the back and forth. Most nomads are already packing up or even being to travel and go back to his hometown of each. Traditions home aliased mudik lebaran present village has indeed been entrenched in Indonesia society. For that, the health condition of the body must be kept properly.

Generally pemudik experiencing problems of fatigue while traveling. Especially if they use a two-wheeled vehicles, or four wheels. Use public transport over long distances is also at risk of experiencing fatigue, so the condition of the body should be maintained as well as possible.

Don't underestimate the fatigue due to travel long distances. Fatigue can affect the durability of our body. It is reminded by Dr. Dr. h. Ari Fahrial Sham SpPD-KGEH, MMB, FINASIM, FACP.

Generally the body's durability can be decreased drastically if feel tired. In effect, you are prone to infection from viruses and bacteria. For example, respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, flu and others.

It can be triggered by an inadequate nutrition intake as Suhoor, Iftar, the time and energy that many depleted during the long trip, dehydration, as well as other causes.

Consuming foods that are purchased at the roadside any trigger health problems for pemudik. Especially when the food is hygienic conditions, its dirty and a lot of exposure to dust at the roadside. Pemudik vulnerable once suffered a disease of respiratory tract infections, and infections of diarrhea because of the things above.

Not to mention if previous pemudik has suffered severe enough disease, such as heart. The condition of exhaustion they trigger the vulnerable suffered a heart attack.

For it is not advisable to fast pemudik while traveling far, enough rest if feel tired on the way, and do not forget to consume enough nutrients from nutritious foods. Avoid energy drinks because it has no benefits other than caffeine content alone.

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