Honey Makes The Body More Fit Time Of Fasting, Lho

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You often feel limp when fasting? Why not try the honey consumption time of Suhoor and Iftar. In addition it was sweet because it contains natural sugars, honey also contains a wide range of benefits that are already known even since ancient times used to be.

The following benefits of honey for the body, especially for you who often feel limp and not fit as fast as is offered by the site healthmeup:

Mixing honey in warm water will you consume will make the skin feel moist and elastic for a long time. This is due to the presence of compounds in honey is a humectant retains moisture in the skin cells.When the body is injured, abrasions or blisters, the honey will help prevent the growth of bacteria in the wound area. This is good for wounds and being fast, to accelerate the healing.Natural antioxidants in honey is able to fight free radicals and ultraviolet effects that damage the skin, and makes the skin look wrinkled.Glucose and fructose in honey is safe for consumption by everyone, but it should be limited to non-diabetics.Minerals in honey are complete enough, namely magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, folate, and sulfur. This will cover the needs of the body.Honey also helps increase the immune system, as well as prevent infection. Certainly also coupled with the consumption of a variety of foods and more.Lowering the bad cholesterol LDL alias is also the effect of good honey you are consuming.When you drink the honey, then while keeping bone health for honey helps the absorption of calcium in your bones.

There are many more benefits of honey that you can take, but certainly, it adds to Your body fitness.

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