5 Against Physical Stress side effects

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Although stress is a psychological problem, but if not handled well and properly then the effect is bad and will spread into a physical problem. For example, the body will respond to danger or it is not fun in the form of producing more adrenaline and cortisol.

As a result, a fast heartbeat, liver remove more glucose to give more energy to the body, if from time to time require. It is the body's reaction when being subjected to stress. After the stress has passed, then the conditions back to normal. The heartbeat slows, the liver will no longer produce more sugar, and you are calm.

If you often feel stressed, the conditions above will repeatedly experienced by the body. The effect is a physical disease that appears quite disturbing. Whatever the disease, refer to the following:

In conditions of stress, cortisol production and corticoids increases. The second Level of this hormone will be high if Your stress level rises. As a result both of these hormones can damage the immune system and make you sick or easy fever while being heavy stress.

Stomach acid and peptic ulcers

High levels of adrenaline rush you have when stress increases the production of stomach acid. If this occurs frequently, then your stomach will suffer cuts or peptic ulcers. The stomach also felt heartburn because the intestines are moving faster.

Don't be mistaken stress does not trigger a skin problem. If an increase in certain hormones caused by stress, then the skin will also receive as a result. The production of oil on the surface of the skin increases, appears the acne, rashes, allergies, eczema and even more.

Hypertension or high blood occur due to adrenaline triggered the heart rate increases. When this condition often you experience, then the hypertension that could be permanent, and trigger a stroke.

Stress triggers heart palpitations, and this is the cause of heart ache when you experience it and often unable to relieve your own stress.

So as much as possible avoid stress if you do not want to experience a variety of health problems such as above.

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