Watch Out, Hold Your Pee Could Incur Health Problems

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You often hold pee due to serious work, or are busy doing other things? We recommend that you don't do it. Pee or pee is a natural mechanism of the body to detoxify and remaining unused of the substance in the body. If You hold your pee often do, then can trigger the emergence of other health disorders.

What are the health problems caused by frequently holding pee? These were offered by such pages Health Works:

You will feel pain in the lower abdomen, if are experiencing this. In addition, the sense of want to pee will also continue to be felt, but you can't put out anything for such a great pain. People often call it the anyang-anyangan.

When you hold your pee, then in Your bladder will be piled up a lot of bacteria. More and more often hold, more and more bacteria build up and multiply in the bladder. This condition if left will make the infection easily occur and spread in the kidneys.

Too often hold pee can trigger the emergence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptomps (^) that coordination between muscle dysfunction of the bladder and urethra. It's hard to control your bladder, to be able to experience nocturnal enuresis. Even influential pula quality sex.

In extreme conditions, a person can lose the ability to hold your pee as experienced by the elderly. As a result You have to wear a diaper when it is so.

It's not too often hold pee if not absolutely forced to, Yes. Because Your health will get distracted.

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